Matterport Virtual Tours, A Marketing Must For Sellers In Sun City, Arizona

Matterport Virtual Tour

I’ve got a cool new tool that will help my sellers in Sun City market their properties better. It’s a Matterport 3D Camera.

This is the sound of the future, technology that is revolutionizing the way buyers view homes. It’s a Matterport 3D camera. This amazing camera scans an interior space, and creates a virtual copy that you can see on a computer. Everything, right down to the measurements of the walls is recorded. When you access a scan of a property online, it feels like you are physically in the home. You can walk through the space by clicking, turn around, look at the ceiling.. look at the floor. Even hover over the property for a look at the layout of the home. Spin the property around in what is called the dollhouse view.

This is not like any other so called virtual tour.. this really is a virtual tour. This is the way a buyer can really see the property without physically being there. In this time, there is no better way to showcase a property than through a Matterport scan. If you are a home seller.. this is a must have for your marketing.

Not many agents have this tool but I do. Let me showcase your property to the world with a Matterport virtual tour. I’m Carla Young with Keller Williams Professional Partners, your neighbor in Sun City.

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