How To Sell Your House During The Holidays in Sun City

The holiday season, which is basically November through January, is generally considered one the worst times to try to sell your house in Sun City. It’s not as bad as many people would have you believe, though, especially when you have a good real estate agent in your corner. During the holiday season, there may … Continued

Sellers: Getting A Buyer Doesn’t Mean Your Home Is Sold

    If you’re selling your home, you should know that getting a buyer is only half the battle.  Next is escrow where you either sell the house or have to start all over again.     I’m Carla Young with Keller Williams Professional Partners.   After you accept an offer from a buyer, the actual sale process begins. … Continued

What’s Open at the Rec Centers Part II

So are the Recreation Centers open again? Three months ago at the Bell Recreation Center on 99th Avenue and Bell Road, all of the indoor activities were closed. The outdoor activities like the pools and tennis courts were open. So I went back to the same rec center to see what’s changed.

7 Fun Ideas For Selling Your House in Sun City

Selling your house in Sun City doesn’t have to be all hard work and seriousness with a good measure of nail-biting anxiety. But no longer is an open house with a freshly baked batch of cookies and some fresh-cut flowers enough to do the job. In today’s markets, you have to get a little inventive, … Continued

Need an Agent? Here Are 4 Signs of A Great Agent In Sun City

Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions a person will experience ever. Hiring the wrong agent can lead to mistakes. Mistakes might cost you the home or tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do you need an agent? Here are 4 signs of a great agent in Sun … Continued

A Timeline For Home Sellers in Sun City

Any major undertaking always goes better when you know what to expect when and plan accordingly. And this definitely applies to something with as many steps and contingency factors as selling a house. Any number of things can go wrong, but they don’t necessarily have to if you have a solid plan in place. So … Continued

Hosting an Open House? Here Are 3 Ways To Be Successful In Sun City

Many homebuyers use the internet to locate potential homes and often go through a neighborhood’s day of open houses before they contact their real estate agent. This makes the open house all the more important in the marketing process. Hosting an open house? Here are 3 ways to be successful in [market-city]. Research and Market … Continued

How To Price Your House To Sell in Sun City

Real estate experts agree that the single most important consideration for selling your house is pricing it right. Besides having to be in line with the price of similar homes in the area, the sale price can’t be too high or too low, it should be priced for online searches, and it needs to be … Continued

How To Decide Which Offer To Accept in Sun City

Getting multiple offers on your home is a good position to be in. It suggests the market favors sellers and your home has attractive qualities to different types of buyers. But is the offer for the most money the best offer? Not always. Here are some suggestions on how to decide which offer to accept … Continued

Secret Agent Hacks For A Fast Sale in Sun City

Everyone trying to sell a house, wants, understandably, to sell it fast. So most sellers spend a good amount of time, effort, and money making repairs and renovations, hoping it will all translate into a fast sale. But there’s a better way. Take a look at these secret (and some not so secret) agent hacks … Continued